Q: What is Peak Performance Prospects Baseball Club?

A:  Peak Performance Baseball Club is an organization that hand selects the players in this organization and is geared to expose and develop players by playing a competitive schedule. Peak has a good working relationship with its staff, its players, and the high school coaches on a face to face basis.    

Q: What will Peak specifically do for my child?

A:  Peak will devote all that it takes to get you to a college to play baseball.  Peak sincerely invests in the athletes that we invite to the program.  If college baseball is not a route that you want then Peak will get you ready to play a very high level of high school baseball.  

Parent Response: ""Peak took my kid to another level of playing baseball.  Peak helped him make connections with other baseball people!"" -Max Zarr, Bondurant

Q:  How do I get to play for Peak Performance?

A:  Peak players are selected by our staff.  We are not a sign up and play program.  The Peak Performance Staff looks for specific qualities in players and checks with high school coaches on players before we select our players.

Q: What is the best way for my kid to be seen by colleges?

A: We let players know that they need as many people in their corner as possible.  Different people have different connections.  Being seen by colleges is all about timing.  Have as many recruiting avenues in your corner as possible.  

Q:  What does my son have to do to play at the next level?

A:  Grades, grades, grades are the most important thing when it comes to Peak Performance.  Peak realizes that colleges don't have a lot of scholarship money.  It is very important to have the best grades possible, this is what will carry you financially when it comes to going to college.  If you are playing for Peak Performance, playing college baseball is in your future if you work hard.

Q:  How is Peak different from everybody else?

A:  Peak offers a unique system as all of our staff are involved with each team we produce in some way.  All of our staff are coaching the teams and the coaches all help with coaching, player development and college recruitment.  Our coaches hand select the players in our program.

Q: How do you decide on which fall tournaments or showcases to go to?

A:  College coaches usually contact us to invite us to the tournaments.  Also our coaches have a good eye to know what level our players are capable of playing at.  College coaches are busy and can't come to every event held so Peak will open as many dialogues with college coaches as possible to help you find a place to play.

Q: Are there going to be college coaches at the games?

A: Ultimately Peak Performance will invite and make phone call to colleges to let them know where and when we will be playing.  It is out of our hands on who actually shows up.  This is where Peak does a good job to follow up with certain schools of interest to really advocate for our players.  Peak has developed a good relationship with several schools across the country and that number is growing every year based on our players being placed there and then they produce there.

Q: Why should kids play Peak instead of other spring leagues? 

Parent Response:   ""Peak is about quality not quantity, Peak has worked hard to raise the level of competition and thats not an easy task.  Peak gives opportunities to kids that may otherwise have been overlooked.''

- Tim Dooley, Martensdale St. Mary's