Peak Performance Spring League is designed to get our Peak players ready for the high school season.  We play top teams from around the state.  In 2019 we are gearing up to have a different format.  We are looking to have ONLY 4 teams for the spring.

This will allow each team to have two coaches for more instruction and developmental opportunities.  These games are highly competitive and all the pitchers will be on a strict pitch count.  Our Peak coaches will be in touch with your high school coaches to communicate on how many pitches the athletes will be throwing on any given weekend.

Stats from our spring league will be shared with college coaches as they are in the middle of their season.  This will allow any college coaches that are interested in you to follow you after you had a great spring with Peak Prospects, in the summer.

Since 2015 Peak Prospects has had 29 All State players on our Peak teams and there have been 91 players that have went on to play college ball.  So not only will you be playing good competition you will be in some good company.  

We have several years of experience on our coaching staff.  We have every level of coaching covered on our Peak Staff from coaching high school 1A to 4A and College to USA Baseball.  We have training covered as well as we have a great staff in place led by the experience of Bobby Reisz.